University of East Anglia Introduces ‘Nap Room’


The University of East Anglia has become the first in the country to have introduced a dedicated ‘nap room’ where students can go to grab forty winks.

The ‘nap nook’, which is located in UEA’s Students’ Union, is open between 12pm and 6pm and allows students to book 40 minute slots for sleep.

The room provides a range of equipment which students can use to help them sleep, such as eye masks, sofas and bean bags.

The 'Nap Room' at the University of East Anglia (Image: Simon Cross / Telegraph)
The ‘Nap Room’ at the University of East Anglia (Image: Simon Cross / Telegraph)

Holly Staynor, Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer at UEA Students’ Union, said:

“I have two real hopes for the project. First, that students with particular conditions such as chronic fatigue are provided with a campus that is more suited to their needs and second, that we are able to educate students around the dangers of staying up all night in the library around deadline period.”

An idea similar to this has been proposed at Union Council, and will be debated this evening. Samson Danziger, who proposed the idea, points out how it is difficult for some students returning to their halls or houses if they only have one hour free between lectures, and wonders if a dedicated room similar to the one at UEA or a facility to find free rooms on campus could be created to allow greater opportunity for rest between lectures.



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