The Wessex Scene coverage of the Athletics events here at Portsmouth University will begin shortly

Hello and welcome to the Wessex Scene’s Live Coverage of the Athletics. The first event will the Mens 400 m

RESULT: Men’s 400m. Harry Pocock of Portsmouth takes victory with Southampton finishing second and then Portsmouth the third spot.

Next up is the Women’s 400m.

RESULT: Women’s 400m. Southampton take 1st with Portsmouth claiming the second and third spots. Our WS Report Corinne Dugdale has just confirmed it was Georgia Heart taking first place for Team Southampton

Very cold and windy conditions here in Portsmouth, very difficult racing conditions.

Next up is the 100m.

Next is the Female 100m, about to start in a second.

Corinne Dugdale has just confirmed that Moe Alenzi was the winner in the Mens 100 m

RESULT Women’s 100m. Team Southampton claim both 1st and 2nd with Pompey claiming the 3rd spot. Eleanor Johnson the winner. Go Team Southampton! Next up is the 800m

RESULT: Mens 800m. Portsmouth comfortably take 1st with Southampton miles behind in second and third. An impressive time of 2 minutes six seconds!

RESULT: Women’s 800m, a very tight and tense race! Leah Griffin taking 1st place for Team Portsmouth. Only two competitors in this race.

Next up is the Men’s 5km

RESULT: Mens 1500m. Pompey take 1st place yet again with by a mammoth distance. Ed Dodd winning it for Portsmouth. Southampton take second.

Next up is the Mens 200m

RESULT: Mens 200m. Pompey take the top spot with Southampton second and Portsmouth third .

RESULT: Women’s 200m. Team Southampton take 1st and second with Pomepy third. Eleanor Johnston takes first place for team Soton.

Next up is the 4x100m relays.

Stand Out performers today on the track include Eleanor Johnston and Jonny Roberts. Eleanor Jonston ran the 100m in 12.87 minutes and Jonny Roberts finished with an incredible 5km time of 15.13 seconds!

Next up is the Men’s 4x100m

Current score in the mens Athletics is 36:27. Team Portsmouth cannot be beaten now no matter what the result in the 4x100m

Portsmouth win with a time of 45.98 seconds. An impressive time.

Next up are the girls.

RESULT: Women’s 4x100m. Southampton win with Portsmouth a close second.

Next up we have the 4x400m relays. These will be the final races of the day.

Pompey won.

Ed, Luca. Harrison and Rhys make up the winning team




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