What a Silly Sausage: Southampton UKIP Candidate Accused of Bribery


Sausage bribery from a UKIP candidate has caused concern with local authority, and as compromising as this may sound, are the actions of the UKIP candidate out of corruption, or desperation?


The silly sausage UKIP parliamentary candidate Kim Rose, who is running for a Parliamentary seat in Southampton Itchen, is claimed to have been questioned by police over allegations he gave away free sausage rolls at a party event.

According to the candidate, he had been told to report the incident, which took place at the Weston area community centre on 21st February, and also featured Snooker player Jimmy White, to the police. He invited veteran snooker star Jimmy White, who he described as a long-time friend, to play pool with locals. Adults were charged £2 entry for the event.

This is due to a possible breach of Electoral Commission Rules that candidates cannot give out food or entertainment to influence votes. Mr Rose called the alleged police involvement “absolutely ridiculous” according to the Daily Echo, and claimed he was contacted by Hampshire Constabulary’s Economic Crime Unit, but Hampshire Police have not yet commented as he has not been arrested. However, their electoral offences section states “A person is guilty of treating if… they directly or indirectly give or provide any food, drink, entertainment or provision to corruptly influence any voter to vote or refrain from voting. Treating requires a corrupt intent – it does not apply to ordinary hospitality”.

ukip sausage

UKIP leader Nigel Farage told Sky News “I just think this is utter nonsense. There are all sorts of cases in politics – people behaving badly, and doing things wrong, abusing their positions. Handing over a few sausage rolls I don’t really think counts as one of those.” It does beg the question as to whether UKIP really are corrupted or if they are just becoming desperate for votes.


Either way, one thing that is clear from this is that Kim Rose is indeed a silly sausage.

Here are all the other candidates standing for Southampton Itchen:

◾Sue Atkins (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

◾Eleanor Bell (Liberal Democrat)

◾Rowenna Davis (Labour)

◾Kim Rose (UK Independence Party)

◾Royston Smith (Conservative)

◾John Spottiswoode (Green)


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