Giant Waterslide Planned for Southampton This Summer


A US based company has revealed that it plans to bring a 1000ft (300m) long waterslide to Southampton this summer.

Slide The City has said it will be bringing the attraction, which is filled with a foamy liquid and has been popular in a number of US Cities, to Southampton, but has not yet specified a date or location within the city.

Other cities set to welcome the giant slide include London, Manchester, Bristol , Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast, Edinburgh, Livingston, Dublin and, Portsmouth, though the only dates that have currently been revealed are for the events in Bristol, London and Manchester. Organisers added that as well as the slide there would be food, drink and live music to make it a family day out.

In terms of cost, a single ticket permitting the ticket holder to have one slide between 12pm and 5pm would cost £10, while a triple slide ticket would be £20. Visitors would also have the option of buying a VIP ticket for £35 which will let them access the slide for an hour before and after opening time and give them an unlimited number of attempts.

However, Southampton City Council told the Daily Echo that the company has not yet entered any discussions about staging such an event within the city. If the event does go ahead the organisers will need to find a venue capable of accomodating the slide, which is longer than three football pitches.


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