Southampton Café Breakfast Challenge Relaunched


The Jackpot Café in Portswood, Southampton has relaunched its 3000 calorie “Hermon Challenge” Breakfast.

In order to complete the challenge, customers have 20 minutes to eat two eggs, two rashers of bacon, two sausages, two hash browns, two slices of black pudding, a portion of mushrooms, baked beans, tomatoes, two slices of toast, a portion of homemade bubble and squeak, two slices of bread and a hot drink choice of tea or coffee in a pint mug. Those successful receive a t-shirt as a prize.

The 3000 calorie breakfast challenge. Image from The Daily Echo.

Jackpot Café owner Eddie Peckham created the challenge and brought it back after requests from hungry punters.

Eddie’s advice to completing it is to pace yourself, telling The Daily Echo:

You should start off slow and keep a steady pace that’s the best advice I can offer, it is not about the size of the man or woman as usually it’s the skinny people that have completed it.”

Since it returned to the café, 13 people have taken the challenge, three of which have successfully completed the challenge.

To take on the challenge call 02380 482 458.


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