All Work and No Play? Survey Shows Southampton Students Work the Longest Hours, and Socialise the Least.


Southampton students spend the most time in part time work, and the least socialising of students in the UK, according to NatWest’s 2015 Student Living Index

On average, Southampton students spend an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes in part-time work whereas the national average for students is 4 hours 20 minutes. This means Southampton students take an average of £48.47 home from part-time work, £16.07 above the average of £32.40. This had lead Southampton’s students to be the second ‘most economical with their expenditure’ in the UK, and huge jump from 2014 and 2013 where the University finished 15th and 22nd respectively. 

Of the 25 Universities surveyed, Southampton students spend the least time socialising, only 9 hours 57 minutes a week, much less than the survey’s average of 12 hours and 34 minutes. Southampton students also spend the second least on going out,  an average of only £6.66 per week; Exeter’s students being the only to spend less.

Southampton also fell below average in weekly rent, where students pay £82.63 a week, £2.68 below the national average. Students also study for 37 minutes less per week than the average student.

Southampton students also spent less than average on alcohol, £9.78 a week, compared to an UK average of £10.89. Students also spend less than average on travel, phone bills, gym membership, printing, utilities, eating out and spending on musics, films and gaming. However, students in Southampton spend more on groceries, books, and laundry than the national average.

In total, 2486 university students were surveyed, 100 from every UK region. See the full results of the survey here.






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