UPDATE: University of Sheffield’s Forge Media To Retain Media Hub


The University of Sheffield’s Students Union has abandoned plans to convert the Media Hub used by Forge Media into additional staff offices, meaning the media outlets will retain all the space and facilties currently available to them.

As previously reported by the Wessex Scene, the media outlets launched an online petition to convince union officers of the importance of retaining the facilities, which were funded using alumni donations for the purpose of traning and supporting student journalists. The campaign, which was also promoted on Twitter, gained attention from university alumni as well as students involved in media at other universities.

In a joint statement released on 20 July, the heads of Forge Media (Forge Press Editor Polly Winn, Forge Radio Station Manager Luke Wilson, and Forge TV Station Manager Eden Wilson) and the president of Sheffield Student’s Union Christy McMorrow announced the decision, and the reasons why it had been reversed.

We all recognised that the proposal to place these roles within one half of the current media hub would do too much harm to Forge Media’s production and therefore will not go ahead….

We hope that this reassures all who have engaged with the #SaveOurHub campaign that our extremely valued student media work will not face any reduction in resources or space.

The petition to save the media hub had gained 1,756 signatures by the time the decision to reverse the proposals had been announced. Supporters welcomed the decision on Twitter.



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