Southampton University Archaeologists Discover Neolithic House at Avebury


Southampton University archaeology students taking part in a three week long project in Avebury, Wiltshire, have discovered what is thought to be the remains of a Neolithic house.

This site of the dig is where the builders of the Avebury stone circle (the largest one of its kind in Europe) are thought to have lived. The ‘Between the Monuments’ project, led by The National Trust, Southampton University’s Archaeology Department and Leicester University, is excavating and researching the daily lives of Neolithic and Bronze Age people at this location. Arrowheads, scrapers for working hide and plant materials, miniature flint saws and pottery have also been found at the site.

If the finding is confirmed to be a house, this would be a major archaeological find as very few have ever been found. Dr Nick Snashall, archaeologist at the Avebury World Heritage Site, said:

I could count the number of middle Neolithic houses that have been found on the fingers of one hand. This site dates from a time when people are just starting to build the earliest parts of Avebury’s earthworks, so we could be looking at the home and workplace of the people who saw that happening.

The excavation area was chosen as a result of thorough geological surveying techniques after three years of researching his journals and drawings.

Television news crews have reportedly visited the site on Tuesday in light of the recent discoveries made at the site.



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