Record Number of Scottish Higher Passes Awarded


Scottish school pupils have been awarded a record number of Highers, the equivalent of A-levels, in 2015, following qualification based changes as part of the Curriculum for Excellence reforms.

The new award, which was sat by nearly 143000 students, was brought in this year and has contributed to a record year for Scottish education, in which 79.2% of examinees passed.

Figures from the Scottish Qualifications Authority show a 5.5% increase in 2015 on the pass rate from the year before, which is a result that will surely be well received after a historic 12 months for Scotland.

Higher english passes were up  17.7% whilst Higher modern languages also underwent a significant increase, with the pass rate moving up 15.2% to 7419.

After complaints about the difficulty of the maths exam, the pass rate didn’t seem to reflect this, with 70.8% gaining the necessary marks. This was a similar rate to that of previous years.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Education Secretary Angela Constance commented on the “strong performance by Scotland’s young people.”

Scotland has seen record numbers of Higher and Advanced Higher passes. Students are performing particularly well in English and in modern languages.

Despite concerns about the new Higher Maths exam, it’s clear that the system worked, that candidates have been treated fairly and that standards have been maintained. The checks and balances in place ensure that students who would have gained a particular grade in a qualification in any previous year will still have done so at the same grade this year.


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