National Student Survey Results: Satisfaction in Southampton has Risen


Results of this year’s National Student Survey published today show an overall increase in satisfaction levels of students at the University of Southampton.

However, Southampton only rank 46th in the country, far from our usual place in the top 15 of University league tables.

According to the survey the overall quality of their undergraduate courses rose two percentage points from 86 per cent last year to 88 per cent this year. In individual subjects, 30 of the University’s academic units scored above average, and 21 shower and increase from last year. 100 per cent approval rates were given to biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology and media studies.

The Universities Learning Resources were ranked highly at 92 per cent, putting Southampton fourth in the Russell Group for this area. The University also ranked fourth within the Russell Group for its support for students’ Personal Development, with an 85 per cent approval rating.

The University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor Education, Professor Alex Neill says:

These strong results indicate that we have listened to our students’ feedback and put actions in place to ensure we are delivering the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their future careers. We’re delighted that our students have recognised this in their responses to the National Student Survey, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to provide an excellent and supportive student development environment at Southampton. We’re also delighted to see that we compare favourably with our peers in the Russell Group of universities; we take this as a further indication of the quality of the experience that we provide for our students at Southampton.


The survey also showed that satisfaction with the Union has improved from 69% to 72%, meaning the union jumped 12 species in the rankings.

Union President, Ben Franklin said:

I’m really excited by the 3% increase – hopefully we can improve by even more with all the changes we’re making this year to our democratic structure and to the image of the Students’ Union. We’ve proven now that we’re capable of incremental improvement, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much we can make next year’s results better.

The survey looks at all areas of the student experience, such as personal development and academic support. All final year students at participating Universities are asked to fill in the survey, though it is still voluntary to complete it.


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