This Shocking Infographic Shows Everything That’s Wrong With Higher Education.


A new infographic, from Parcel Hero has highlighted the true costs of University degree in the UK. Some of the shocking statistics on the infographic include that student debt is expected reach a whooping £100 billion by 2018.

Now £100 billion is a lot of money, to put that into perspective a country with GDP of £100 billion would be the 80th richest country in the world. That’s richer than Lebanon, El Salvador, Iceland, the Bahamas, and Fiji. With more people going to University than ever before at £9,000 a year,

Other things the char showed including the highest number of international students come from China, followed by the US, and India.

On average students spend over £93 a week on rent, if they’re lucky enough to only pay for 30 weeks a year. They also spend £695 on bills, £60 on drugs and £530 on travel. On average students spend just under £7,000 a year.

See the full infographic below.


Cost of University Degree



Cost of University Degree [Infographic] by the team at ParcelHero




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