BNP Candidate Wins a Council Seat In Essex, Despite Running As An Independent


The British National Party (BNP) have won another council seat in Heybridge, Essex with 76% of the vote.

The newly elected councillor for Heybridge, Tina Gentry is the third BNP councillor in the Essex countryside ward. Mrs Gentry stood as a representative of “Fighting Unsustainable Housing Because We Care” according to the council website rather than the BNP explicitly.

According to a video press release by the BNP, of the 302 votes cast in the by-election, 230 were cast in Mrs Gentry’s favour. In the same video, they report that despite many people considering the BNP overshadowed on the political stage many people remain sympathetic to the right wing views of the party highlighted by the recent success in Essex.

Although a relatively insignificant gain for the party, the continuing momentum in the Essex area could be replicated elsewhere, as Essex is  noted as having political bellwether qualities.

This news will no doubt unsettle the long standing Westminster representative and Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, John Whittingdale OBE MP who has recently seen a growth in support for other right-wing groups such as Ukip in the constituency.

The BNP have been contacted for a statement regarding the status of Mrs Gentry’s application under the premise of a local action group rather than the BNP explicitly. 




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    You’re allowed to register parties with different slogans or descriptions.

    “Fighting Unsustainable Housing Because We Care” has been used by the BNP for years, they used it on the European Election 2014 for the eastern region.

    So this parish seat was not won as an independent, but as BNP. Although it could be argued people voted for them not realizing they are BNP.

    This was only a parish seat with 3 candidates. I don’t see any evidence that the BNP is getting more popular. For comparison the BNP holds about 10 parish seats and 2 council seats. UKIP hold 1000 or more parish seats and 500 council seats.

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