Southampton University’s Excavation in Portus featured in BBC’s ‘Building the Ancient City’


Southampton University’s archaeological work in and around Portus, the ancient port of Rome, is featured in the BBC TV series ‘Building the Ancient City’.

Archaeologists from University of Southampton and the British School at Rome (BSR) have been leading an international excavation of Portus, where they discovered a large Roman shipyard. Southampton Professor Simon Keay is the Portus Project Director.

Presenter and Cambridge Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill spoke to Professor Simon Keay about this excavation; a ship instillation in what was a large bay.

The programme focuses on the development of Rome, the world’s first megacity, providing a new insight into how the city was born and how it really worked including a visit to Portus, which connected Rome to the Mediterranean.

The programme’s original airdate was Thursday 27th August and can be watched on BBC IPlayer and the BBC Two programme website.

More information about the project can be found here.



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