Sadiq Khan chosen as Labour’s Candidate for London Mayoral Election


It has been announced that Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting since 2005, has been voted as the Labour Party candidate for the 2016 London mayoral election. If he wins in May, he will be the first Muslim mayor of London.

During his victory speech, Kahn claimed he was “overwhelmed and humbled” to be chosen as the Labour candidate.

He will likely face Zac Goldsmith, the favourite to be chosen as the Conservative Party’s mayoral candidate when the party decides on the 3rd October. This could make it difficult for Labour to win back City Hall after eight years out of power in London.

A total of 87,954 votes were cast in this leadership election, and Sadiq Khan achieved 58.9% of the votes with 48,152 votes. He was declared the winner in the fifth round of voting after the other candidates were eliminated.

Initial frontrunner and ex-minister Tessa Jowell came second with 41.1% of the vote at 33,573 votes. Diane Abbott, who came third, was eliminated in Round 4 with 20.7% of the vote at 17,784 votes. David Lammy received 10.5% with 9,147 votes and was eliminated in Round 3, with Christian Wolmar being eliminated in the second round after receiving 5.7% at 4,927 votes. MP Gareth Thomas finished last, getting just 1.2% of the vote at 1,055 votes.


Labour's Mayoral Candidates. Left to Right: Tessa Jowell (2nd), Sadiq Kahn (1st), David Lammy (4th), Diane Abbott (3rd), Gareth Thomas (6th and Christian Wolmar (5th). Source:
Labour’s Mayoral Candidates. Clockwise from top-left: Tessa Jowell (2nd), Sadiq Kahn (1st), David Lammy (4th),  Christian Wolmar (5th), Gareth Thomas (6th) and Dianne Abbott (3rd). Source:

He picked up many second and third preference votes from other candidates, especially as his decision to nominate Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the party is likely to have swayed left-leaning members. This has worried many Blairites, as the results seem to suggest that Corbyn will win a landslide victory. It was evident Kahn had won the contest as soon as the results showed that the votes of Khan and Abbott combined would outnumber those for Jowell.

This is ahead of the announcement of the new Labour Leader and Deputy Leader on Saturday 12th September.




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