Southampton Student Creates New Drinking Game


University of Southampton student Luke Garland has developed a new drinking game to liven up those ever-so-predictable pre-drinks.

Hoping to put an end to endless rounds of Ring of Fire, Never Have I Ever and Pyramid? ,The King’s Chalice, has been developed. Intended to be easy-to-follow, dynamic and intoxicating, the main premise of the game is simple: make your friends drink that little bit more than you. What makes this game different is that instead of playing by any old playing cards, you play by the drink you have – your beverages are your lives!

There are four different types of card, each corresponding to a different type of action which are as follows: offensive (blue swords) defensive (green shield), suicide (red skull) and one ‘epic’ card (yellow chalice). Each of these cards have a certain set of rules on them corresponding to a theme, which Luke has helpfully explained here:

The types of cards are as follows.

  • Offensive: basically these force opponents to drink, implement new rules or mini games, where the loser has to drink.
  • Defensive: these protect you from drinking or counteract offensive cards.
  • Suicide: these cards make others drink at the expense of drinking yourself.
  • Epic cards basically make you drink a lot, and that’s why there’s only one of them!
The four types of playing card


Courtesy of the campaign page for the drinking game, these are the rules:

Step 1: Choose number of players: 2-10 recommended.

Step 2: Choose number of drinks which each player has as their lives.

Step 3: Choose a drinking vessel to be The King’s Chalice, fill this cup as high as you like with whatever drink(s) you fancy.

Step 4: Choose a vessel to be The Jester’s Cup, this will remain empty until certain cards are played, which will have instructions to fill the cup.

Step 5: Shuffle and deal, all cards go into one large pile face down, each player starts with 4 cards and will draw a card each time it is their turn, so you will always have four cards in your hand.

Step 6: The game is played in rounds; it will start with one player and end when it returns to that player. Each player can only use one offensive card each time it is their turn and one defensive card each round per player when they are targeted to drink. Of course, if you don’t have a defensive card in hand when you are targeted, bad luck! Suicide cards can be used as either offensive or defensive cards. The epic card must be used in the first turn it is possible to do so and as an offensive card. Each player must have at least 2 cards at the start of each round.

Step 7: The aim is to be the last person standing, once a person has no drinks left for their lives they are out. The game continues even when The King’s Chalice and The Jester’s Cup have been consumed.

Some of the rules – there are far more!

Luke told Wessex Scene

I believe that The King’s Chalice is more strategic and interactive than established drinking games whilst remaining simple, easy to understand and dynamic. It’s very versatile; becoming a different drinking experience each time it is played. Lastly it is a game which players can adapt to their own playing style and time limit.

With glossy Cards Against Humanity-style cards (that are importantly immune to spilt beverages) which have been varnished (fancy), this is certainly a drinking game to invest in and play many times. If you want to back this project and get your own copy, you can do so here.



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