UPDATE: SUSU joins #CapsOff for Postgraduate Students


In her most recent SUSU blog post, Vice-President Education Shruti Verma has provided an update on the #CapsOff campaign.

According to the blog, both the current Vice-Chancellor Don Nutbeam and future Vice-Chancellor Christopher Snowden have responded to the Student Union’s decision to support #CapsOff.

Don Nutbeam has reportedly worked to introduce a structured loan for UK Postgraduate Taught students, and he has said, the University believes that means testing Postgraduate students from the age of 30 is the right decision.

It has been claimed that the University would like to support students in future but do not think it is the most pressing issue.

The University has said:

The primary need is for younger students, although we have argued in the past that postgraduate PG loans are desirable for individuals who are looking to make a change in career direction and want to retrain – this supports flexibility in the workforce in response to developments in the economy.

If we lose the ear of Ministers with a strong stance over this issue, we may lose the opportunity to influence issues of more importance to students, such as improving teaching quality and improving access for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Verma has also provided a template letter that can be downloaded, edited and used to lobby local MPs.

If students would like to involved or have ideas for the campaign email Shruti at vpeducation@susu.org.

For more information on the #CapsOff campaign, check out Wessex Scene’s previous article here, or to see Shruti’s previous blog click here.



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