Candlelit Vigil Held by Mental Health Charity in Southampton


The Red Lipstick Foundation, a mental health charity that Southampton’s Raise and Give (RAG) have chosen to donate to this year, held a candlelit vigil in Southampton city centre on Thursday 10th September.

This vigil was for those affected by suicide to light a candle in remembrance of those who have taken their own lives. It took place as part of World Suicide Prevention Day at Natwest Bank, East Street.

RAG President Kieran Reals told Wessex Scene:

Suicide prevention is an incredibly important cause and one that has regularly affected students at Southampton. One of the major issues is people not knowing where to turn, and the work by the Red Lipstick Foundation is incredibly important. This is a great way to spread the word about suicide prevention in the local area and RAG are very glad to be supporting such a worthwhile charity this year.

More can be found out about The Red Lipstick Foundation by emailing them at



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