Oceana to Introduce Bus for Safe Student Travel


Southampton Nightclub Oceana have announced that they will be running a £6 bus service on Wednesday nights this year from the club to Highfield Campus.

This will work in a similar fashion to the SUSU Safety Bus.

A travel and entry wristband will allow entry to the club and access to the bus to provide a safer and more cost effective way to travel.

The bus will be running from the bus stop outside the Jubilee Sports Centre on University Road every Wednesday during term time starting Wednesday 23rd September at 10pm and 10:45pm.

After Freshers’ week the bus will arrive at 10:30pm and 11pm on Wednesdays, Oceanas’ busiest day of the week. The bus will then take people home from 3am and 4am from outside Oceana. It will drop people off outside Jubilee Sports Centre and near Wessex Lane Halls.

Danny Martin, from marketing at Oceana, told Wessex Scene;

Students already have so many costs attributed to them without the added expense of cabs to and from the club. Once you’ve paid for cabs, door price, a hotdog at the end of the night and your cab home it can become expensive. We are trying to help. We are also looking for ticket reps, so if people are looking to earn money with incentives contact me.

There is likely to be high demand for this service and therefore likely to be very limited availability in the first week so people need to get their tickets early. The tickets are available by contacting Oceana reps on 07539389617.


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