Woman Attacked With Acid Outside Turtle Bay


A 37-year old woman on a night-out in Southampton has suffered severe burns after having acid thrown over her at 9pm on Friday 18th September. 

The woman was taken to Southampton General Hospital to be treated with severe burns to her face, eyes, neck, hands and arms. She is in a critical condition but expected to survive. She may lose her sight as a result of the attack.

Police cordoned off an area of around 10 metres around Turtle Bay and questioned clubbers in the area until 1.30am. Hampshire Fire and Rescue also appeared to wash any acid away from the crime scene. Hampshire Constabulary believe the attacker is male and knew the victim, they also described the incident as ‘rare and isolated’. They are now appealing to any witnesses.

The assistant general manager at Turtle Bay, Adrian Rogers, helped give the victim by performing first aid, before the ambulance arrived. He told the Daily Echo:

She ran over to door staff  screaming for help.  She was with a man who kept on asking her if she was alright. Her face was blistering and looked like the sort of thing you see with soldiers in war. It was so bad you couldn’t tell what she looked like or how old she was. I am first aid trained so I took a jug of ice water and was rinsing her face and mouth with ice water as we sat her down on the floor outside. The ambulance and police then arrived really quickly. Fingers crossed she is alright – you hear about these things but you don’t expect to see it.

Turtle Bay told the BBC:

The lady was not a customer of Turtle Bay, however, the manager on duty provided immediate assistance and emergency first aid whilst the emergency services were called. When they arrived they immediately took her to hospital to continue her treatment. We hope that she makes a full and speedy recovery from the incident.

Speaking to The Telegraph, a bar worker said:

The acid was in her whole face and eyes – she’s probably going to be blinded.  Neither her nor her attacker were actually guests here, we were just helping out and providing first aid treatment. She said it was two men. Her face looked like it was melting; it was quite clear there was a lot of damage. It happened just outside in the middle of the square.

The victim is believed to have been wearing a top and leggings, and was accompanied by a man at the time of the attack.

Police do not believe this is linked to an honour style killing, saying the victim is white and their is no ‘ethnic link’. They have not shared the extent of the victims injuries, but it is believed the corrosive liquid used to attack her has blinded her.

No arrests have been made in relation to the attack but an investigation has been launched.

Residents of Southampton have taken to social media to express their sympathy for the victim.

Anyone with information related to the attack is urged to call the police on 101. 


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