The Average 18-25 Year Old Only Cooks Two Meals a Week.


18-25 year olds who aren’t living with their parents are likely to only cook two meals a week, according to a new study from Voucher Cloud.  The research found young people opted to go to their parents, order a takeaway, or eat snacks as an alternative to cooking an evening meal. 

When asked why they did not cook more often, 55% of the respondents claimed they did not know how to cook, and 25% responded they were ‘too lazy’.

61% of 18-25 year olds said they returned to their parents home for meals weekly. 59% said they got at least one take-away a week, and 41% said they got their additional meals at a restaurant. 27% of respondents admitted they were hoping to find themselves a partner who could cook for them.

Voucher Cloud surveyed 2413 students who were single and had moved out of their parents home within the last two years for reasons of ‘independence’ and ‘university’ among the most popular reasons for leaving home.

Respondents also claimed cooking was the hardest skill they had struggled with while fending for themselves, shortly followed by cleaning and waking up on time.

The average British 18-25 spent per week on takeaway food and restaurant meals was £32.00, more than double the £15.00 they spend on supermarket food.

Chris Johnson, Head of Operations at, commented:

Whether you’re brought up learning how to cook or you have to teach yourself, cooking is a life skill that everyone needs to have. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey, as long as you can cook some of the basics then you’ll do just fine. And it doesn’t matter if you need a recipe book in front of you guiding you every step of the way, even though others around you admit to just whacking ingredients together and creating a culinary masterpiece, as long as you get a nice meal at the end who cares how you made it?! Hopefully, parents will look at the results of this study and spend more time with their children in the kitchen before they fly the nest and discover they can’t in fact fend for themselves.

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