Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark Does Show on Surge


Radio 1 DJ and Southampton Alumni, Chris Starkreturned to Southampton last night, and did an impromptu show on Surge Radio. 

The DJ, who was there to play the Freshers’ Welcome Parties, graduated from Southampton in 2008 with a degree in Politics.  He is most famous as being one-half of The Scott Mills Show on Radio 1, and a panelist on E4’s Virtually Famous. He’s also gathered a lot of media attention for his unusual interviewing style with a-list celebrities such as Mila Kunis. 

Speaking to Wessex Scene, Chris Stark said:

Every time I come back to Southampton uni it reminds me how much I miss it. An incredible three nights.

Surge Radio Station Manager, Dan Linstead, had organised the Stark to visit the studios, but the show itself wasn’t planned. Stark played the feature Flo Rida or No Rider with the current Surge DJs and said he ‘loved the studios’ and that it felt ‘very nostalgic‘. He also gave the presenters tips on how to improve their demos in case they wanted to break into the radio industries.

Speaking to Wessex Scene, Dan Linstead said:

Chris coming back to Surge was a really exciting opportunity for us, with our studios having been changed over summer, it was a great way to have the be reopened, and of course Surge has a special place in Chris’s heart, which makes the whole event one to remember.

Chris tweeted “I’m at my old student radio, If you’re bored give it a quick listen. We are trying to get more than 5 listeners.” Chris’ publicity gave Surge a boost, giving them 30 times their usual number of listeners. The tweet has since been deleted.


You can catch the podcast of Chris’ brief return to Surge here.


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