AbilityNet Urges Students To Claim Little Known Disability Grant


A UK based charity is imploring students to find out whether they are eligible for extra government funding, as a new academic new year begins across the country.

AbilityNet, a UK based disability charity, has spoken out over the Disabled Students Allowance [DSA], encouraging new students to find out whether they qualify for the grant.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, over half of eligible students do not claim the DSA, which can be used to support academic, financial and logistical needs.

Nigel Lewis, CEO of AbilityNet, explained:

We’re concerned that not enough students are claiming the support they are entitled to.

The DSA can help students with all sorts of extra needs – you don’t have to be registered disabled to claim it. The extra funding has played a vital role in helping disabled people achieve success in higher education for many years and is under threat from further cuts, but is still available.

According to the official government website, you are eligible if you suffer from either a long-term health condition, a mental health condition or a specific learning difficulty, eg dyslexia. You must also meet the definition of disabled under the Equality Act 2010.

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