Road Cycling Club Launch Fundraising Campaign


Southampton University Road Cycling Club (SURC) have unveiled a fundraising campaign for the creation of a ‘bike maintenance stand with tools and public pump at the University of Southampton’s Highfield campus’.

The NOC maintenance bike stand.
The NOC maintenance bike stand.

SURC are building on a pre-existing device at the University’s National Oceanography Centre and it is hoped that further such stands could be introduced to Boldrewood campus as well as this incentive for Highfield.

Wessex Scene spoke to SURC’s Women’s Captain and the leader of the bike stand project, Anna Covey, who told me that the benefits go far beyond just re-inflating bike tyres.


Many people are put off cycling because they think it’s hard work, however this ‘hard work’ is often a product of rubbing brakes, mudguards etc- issues which are really easy to fix, especially with the new maintenance stand

Wessex Scene wish SURC the best of luck with this worthwhile project. If you would like to donate to SURC’s effort please visit their fundraising page here. Likewise, to stay up to date with their progress check out their Facebook and Twitter.


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