Referendum Proposed On 24-Hour Library


At tonight’s Union Council, SUSU will propose a to hold a referendum on the Hartley Library being kept open 24-hours. 

Earlier this year, the University approved a plan for a year-round opening of the Hartley Library, to commence on 2nd November, as a response to the increased student intake this year. However, no student or Union member was consulted on this, and SUSU were only told of the policy 10 days after the policy had been passed. The cost of the extra opening hours is £84,000 to the University.

The University has offered the Union £10,357 to cover the additional cost of the library opening, such as running the safety bus. However, according to VP Welfare Sam Bailey and VP Education Shruti Verma this doesn’t ‘come close’ to covering the cost.

The Union is not opposing the University plans for a 24-hour library, but instead proposing a referendum to guage student opinion on the matter.

Wessex Scene will be live-tweeting from tonight’s Union Council, and you can catch the round up of the night in Wessex Scene tomorrow. Union Council will be held tonight (Monday 19th October) in the Senate Room, Building 37 at 6pm.

You can read the full proposal, put forth by Sam Bailey and Shruti Verma, here.


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