Burglary on Church Lane


A house on Church Lane has been burgled after the back door was left unlocked.

The house was robbed in the early morning on the 20th October, at approximately 3am, whilst the occupants were upstairs sleeping.

The thieves had knives with them, and indeed left one at the scene. The Police have been called, and forensic evidence was taken.

Many valuables were stolen – from both communal areas and individual rooms – including three laptops, speakers, a camera, a bank card, and two road bikes, one of which was of considerable sentimental value to its owner.

bike pic
If anyone has seen the above bike, please contact the police on 101 or contact Wessex Scene. 

Please make sure you are vigilant both when you are in and out of the property, especially at night. Ensure that doors are locked and windows are closed, and be aware that crime can happen anywhere, even in the proximity of Highfield Campus.



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