University Printing Costs Reduced


Printing costs charged by the University of Southampton have been reduced. This will be achieved by encouraging students to print documents double-sided.

Printing double sided will allow students to save 1 pence per sheet when printing in black and white, and 2 pence when printing in colour, as well as saving paper.

The new prices for A4 sheets are:

  • 5 pence single sided Black and White
  • 25 pence single sided Colour
  • 4 ½ pence double sided Black and White
  • 24 pence double sided Colour

For A3 paper the charges are:

  • 10 pence single sided for Black and White
  • 50 pence single sided Colour
  • 9 ½ pence double sided for Black and White
  • 48 pence double sided Colour

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