Referendum Result: Students Vote In Favour of a 24-Hour Library


Students have voted to implement a 24-hour library, with ‘yes’ gaining 73% of votes, and ‘no’ getting 27%. The turnout was 5052 – which is over 20% of the University’s student population, and significantly more than in any of the two recent referendums on NUS membership.

Kerry Sclater, VP Democracy & Creative Industries, said this of the referendum:

This referendum has been an amazing start of a long journey of us improving our democracy and getting more students involved – we want to make it easy, meaningful, transparent and engaging for students to join in discussions and voting on issues.

SUSU are eager to hear what you thought of the referendum, so if you would like to feedback to the union, you can do so here.

Whilst the referendum campaign has been plagued by controversy (including debates over the cost of t-shirts and what impact the referendum will actually have), the result of the referendum will certainly send the University the students’ official opinion – something which should have been taken into account at the beginning of this whole process.

With the University set to go ahead with their plans to introduce a permanent 24-hour library irrespective of the referendum (although the result now means that this point is far less controversial than it could have been), continued consultation will have to take place between SUSU and the University to ensure that measures such as Safety Bus provisions get implemented effectively.


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