New JCR Restructure Announced


Vice President Student Communities Anjit Aulakh and JCR Officer (pending name change) Flora Noble have announced an upcoming JCR restructure. 

It details a change in the representation structure in Halls and Private Rented accommodation as well as the newly-named Halls Committee elections.

Currently known as the ‘JCR (Junior Common Room) Committee’, their purpose is help new students settle into their halls and to represent their views to the Student’s Union and University. According to Anjit, they also helped to ensure that JCR Officer Flora’s Freshers’ plan was executed with ‘brilliant success. Flora said;

We have undergone a lot of changes in the last few months, and we have been conducting a JCR review to try and work out way to improve how the JCRs represent you guys. We have made two major changes from this; the first is that we are renaming ‘JCRs’ to ‘Halls Committees’. The other is completely restructuring JCRs.

In the video, Flora explains that there are some new roles and some roles that have been re-defined in order to make it a ‘much more inclusive body.’

Anjit states that in the new structure there will be seven positions – exactly the same as last year. These will be President, Secretary, Sports Officer, Wellbeing and Campaigns Officer, Communities Officer, Fundraising and Volunteers Officer, and Events and Activities Officer.

These positions have been tweaked round a little bit, we’ve added some, we’ve removed some, to make sure we’ve come up with the best structure possible. You can go to the current JCRs and ask them about what their roles have been, because an element of these new positions will have definitely existed in their roles before, so definitely go over to them and ask them what they think about it.

Details about the Halls Committee elections will be posted in future YouTube videos on the SUSU YouTube channel, as well as all official Halls Facebook Pages. Anjit added,

These elections are going to be the best you’ve ever seen… Well, the first you’ve ever seen. We’ve completely changed the process to make sure we deliver a truly valuable experience.

If anyone has any questions regarding this review, contact Anjit or Flora here.


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