University to Ensure That its Lowest Paid Workers are Paid the New Living Wage


Today, the University of Southampton has announced that it will pay the living wage to all workers in response to the recent publication of the new living wage rate.

All employees on the lowest four points on the pay scale will be ‘topped up’ to ensure that they are paid the equivalent of £8.25 per hour.

This is following the University’s ‘gesture of goodwill’ from a previous industrial dispute which committed the University to bring the wage of its lowest paid staff up to at least the living wage.

The new living wage guidelines are vastly different to the current minimum wage, which for those who are over 21 is £6.70 per hour, although from April 2016 this will change to £7.20 per hour only for those over 25, but will remain at the same rate if you are under this age.

The changes for University pay are set to take effect from the November 2015 payroll.


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