Varsity 2016: Southampton Stags vs Portsmouth Destroyers


Welcome to the Wessex Scene’s live blog of the first Varsity game of the 2015/2016 competition. Today we see our American Football team, the Southampton Stags, take on the Portsmouth Destroyers up at Wide Lane.

And that’s it! Thanks to all the readers who stuck with us today! Be sure to join us for the big Varsity event come March!

Both teams battled hard but errors and unlucky play cost Southampton today. Not what we expected from the first Varsity fixture but we’re sure Team Southampton will make up for it in March.

And it’s all over! Final Score 24-8 to Portsmouth Destroyers.

Big sack by Southampton! Destroyers are now 2nd and 20.

Nothing comes out of Stag’s possession. Portsmouth now 1st and 10.

Pass from Southampton intercepted, fumbled but then caught by Southampton. 3rd and 10.

Kick off is caught and returned well by Southampton. Southampton now have a 1st and 10 from just past the half way line.

Portsmouth kick off from their own 20 yard line. Really poor play from them.

Score is now 24-8 to Portsmouth

Portsmouth QB is sacked in his own end zone! A penalty of 2 points go to Southampton!

Injury on the field, time called as a Southampton player is down.

Southampton fail to complete on 4th down and Portsmouth regain possession on their own 5 yard line. Last 3 plays have sadly summed up Southampton’s play today.

Timeout called by Southampton following an incomplete pass. Southampton are 4th and goal.

Another good play from Soton. Ball is passed up the middle to gain a 1st and goal.

Good play from Southampton sees a 1st and 10 gained on Portsmouth’s 25 yard line.

Ball is fumbled by Portsmouth! Southampton regain possession on around Portsmouth’s 40 yard line. Not long left now on the clock.

Huge false start by Portsmouth. Penalty called.

Yet another big run by the Pompey QB, making it to just past the halfway line. Another 1st and 10 for Pompey.

Southampton fail to convert on 3rd down yet again. 4th down is punted and Portsmouth regain possession on their own 30 yard line.

Southampton look like they know the game is up here. Looks as if some desperate ‘Hail Mary’s’ are gonna be tried to try and salvage some pride here for Soton.

1st down intercepted by Southampton! Southampton go again with a 1st and 10 on around their own 10 yard line.

Good run up the middle by the Pompey QB gaining another 1st and 10.

Injury on the field as a Portsmouth player goes down hurt, time out.

Portsmouth yet again make another good gain on their 1st down, making it up to around Southampton’s 30 yard line

Individual mistakes has been a key theme of the game today, and arguably is the reason why this game is slipping away quickly from Southampton.

Poor play yet again from Southampton, fumbling the 1st down and allowing Portsmouth to regain possession on their own 40 yard line.

The Portsmouth kick off is returned well by Southampton to their own 40 yard line. Time is running out for Southampton however, with a mammoth gap between the teams on the scoreboard starting to build.

TOUCHDOWN PORTSMOUTH. First play of the third quarter Portsmouth run it in to the Southampton end zone. PAT is good so Portsmouth lead 24-6!

Turns out the interception didn’t count and Portsmouth have a 3rd and touchdown.

End of the third quarter here, still 17-6 to Portsmouth.

Good comeback from Southampton, intercepting the Portsmouth throw on their 1st down. Southampton regain the ball and now have a 1st and 10 on around the 15 yard line.

Penalty against Southampton. Portsmouth now start with a 1st and 10 on Southampton’s 15 yard line. More discipline needed by the Soton boys here.

Southampton frustrated yet again on that drive, being forced to punt on the 4th down. Portsmouth regain possession on about the halfway line following a poor punt from Southampton.

Portsmouth on top here! Sacking the Soton QB on the first down. Soton now have a 2nd and 22.

Portsmouth’s kick off is returned by Southampton up to their 25  yard line

Portsmouth’s PAT is no good. But they now lead 17-6

TOUCHDOWN PORTSMOUTH! They convert on 2nd down with a run up the middle into the end zone by their QB.

Southampton’s no. 23 hobbles off the field.

Injury on the field in that play, time out before Pompey go again for a 1st and 10 just yards from the end zone.

Huge gain by Pompey! Their running back breaks free and fortunately is tackled just before the end zone.

Cries of ‘DEEEFEEENCCEE’ echo around Wide Lane. Let’s hope the stags can contain Pompey on their own drive.

Southampton downs come to nothing and they are forced to punt yet again on 4th down. Portsmouth regain possession on their own 35 yard line.

HUGE sack by Portsmouth, sacking the Soton QB on the 10 yard line!

Back in play, Portsmouth punt on 4th down, however it’s straight out of play. Southampton touch back to start again on their own 20. 1st and 10. Let’s see if they can build some momentum in this drive!

Pause in the play as the referee’s meet in the middle to discuss something. Bit of confusion here at Wide Lane.

Penalty against Southampton again! False start. Portsmouth now with a 1st and 10 from the halfway line.

Penalty on the field against Southampton, Portsmouth begin again with a first and 5 from their own 40 yard line.

Good mazy run from the Portsmouth QB to take them up to the 30 yard line, however he is hit hard. Portsmouth now restart 1st and 10.

Good run down the middle from Portsmouth but it does not count. Portsmouth back to their original place – their own 10 yard line.

First 3 downs come to nothing for Southampton who are having no luck so far. On the 4th they punt it down the field. Portsmouth in possession.

Second half begins with Portsmouth kicking off. Great return from Southampton making it all the way to Portsmouth’s 40 yard line.

The Vixens finish their routine. Both teams stretch out in preparation for the 2nd half.

Vixens on the field for half time entertainment!

The score stands 11-6 to Portsmouth.


Portsmouth return ensuing punt to their own 33.

Portsmouth now lead 11-6.

QB sacked on the 3rd down. Wild snap on 4th down, leads to a Portsmouth safety.

Holding call cancels out incompletion. Leaving Stags 3rd and 20.

Incomplete deep bomb, tap in from behind the lines leaves Stags 3rd and 10.

Penalty leads to Stags 1st down. They go again with 1st and 10 from their own 34.

Southampton’s QB is absolutely creamed and hobbles off. Craft comes in as new QB for the Stags

Portsmouth’s 52 is carried off. Stag’s ball 2nd and 11.

There’s an injury to a Portsmouth player. Timeout.

Portsmouth kick off is a touch back. Southampton start on their own 20 yard line.

Portsmouth now lead 9-6 after a good 40 yard field goal.

Portsmouth come up short on the QB draw. Field goal attempt on the 4th down is good!

False start by Portsmouth on the third down. Leaves them 3rd and 8.

Stags fumble on the first play. Portsmouth are now back in possession.

Southampton return the kick off well by making it up to their own 34 yard line.

PAT is block. Southampton 6 – 6 Portsmouth

Mazy run from the Portsmouth QB, manages to dodge numerous Southampton tackles and runs it in the corner.


Good run up the middle from Portsmouth. They are now just yards away from the Southampton end zone.

Great play from Portsmouth, a long 30 yard pass downfield is completed. Now deep within the Southampton half.

Good running play from Portsmouth gaining around 20 yards.

Southampton possession comes to nothing and they punt downfield well. Portsmouth regain possession on their own 15 yard line

The punt from Portsmouth is effective as the returner is tackled well within his own half. First down coming up for Southampton.

Porsmouth’s hike is terrible on the third down and the quarterback is sacked

Portsmouth are constantly frustrated by the Southampton defence, their running game is struggling early on.

First quarter down, Southampton lead 6-0

Turnover! The Southampton quaterback is tackled on the run and fumbles, Portsmouth regain possession on about the 20 yard line.

Punt goes straight out of play and Southampton will regain possession on Portsmouth’s 35 yard line

Good defensive play from Southampton, Portsmouth don’t get anywhere with there first 3 downs and are forced to punt downfield.

The kick off by Southampton is too long and Portsmouth let it go out of play, Portsmouth will start their response to that Southampton touch down on the 20 yard line

Southampton try to pass in the PAT, however, the receiver drops the pass. Southampton lead 6-0!

TOUCHDOWN SOUTHAMPTON. Number 24 runs it up the left hand side and into the end zone! Now for the PAT…

Southampton are just yards away from the end zone now, touchdown time is coming.

Good patience here early doors from the Stags, slowly making there way into the Pompey half with the running game.

Southampton progressing nicely up the field here, Glen Toonga gaining some early yards for Southampton

Great little move by Southampton as they make it up well into the Pompey half.

Southampton try and run around the Portsmouth defence but only just make it back to the first line of scrimmage

However, there’s a penalty in the play and Southampton return to the original line of scrimmage. On the second go he only makes around a couple of yards.

Star Running Back Glen Toonga makes a great first run, gaining around 20 yards for Southampton

Portsmouth run it up the middle on third down, however, the running back loses the ball and possession is turned over! The Stags offence make there way on to the field.

Portsmouth elect to throw on the second down however the pass is incomplete.

Portsmouth run it up the side on the first down, gaining about 5 yards.

Portsmouth return kick off well, making it well into Southampton’s own half.

Southampton to kick off!

Respectful scenes as both sides line up for a minutes silence for remembrance Sunday.

Captains are meeting in the middle to do the coin toss.

Kick off is scheduled for 2pm today, so if you fancy joining what is already a large crowd, be sure to get yourselves up here asap!


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