Hull University Student’s Union Apologies Over ‘Sex on Stage’ Event


An event hosted by Hull University’s SU backfired as the union were forced into a humiliating U-turn and subsequent apology.

After being given free alcohol, students were initially invited to take part in a cracker eating contest in order to win a free trip to Croatia. However things quickly escalated with Celebrity DJ Lee Watson calling out sex positions for the students to replicate.

Video footage emerged which featured a female student crying whilst the crowd chanted ‘slag’. The DJ also encouraged the female students to strip and swap their clothing whilst asking the crowd to ‘Cheer if you want to f*** this girl. She’s keen, form a queue. I’m first’. One student later described his comments as ‘vile’ to the BBC. Lee Watson is apparently touring in Asia and has been unavailable for comment.

The anti-sexual violence group Rape Crisis has denounced the event as a ‘degrading‘ and ‘exploiting‘ young women.

Chris McGoven, chairman of campaign for real education has spoken out against peer pressure and the mentally traumatising effect of such pressure. He argues that the ‘argument that no one is being forced to join in, or even to attend, is flawed,’ adding that UK Universities have an ‘epidemic of mental health issues on our campuses and such behaviour is likely to add to them’.

The University of Hull Student’s Union has apologised for any part of the event that may have ’caused any offence’ and assured students that they are ‘committed to Hull University Union continuing to be an inclusive, welcoming, and accepting space’.

The incident occurred at the Tower night, at the Hull University Union asylum club. The Union have promised students that the act would not appear again at The Tower and future acts would be planned in accordance with the Union’s values.


Third year English student, News Editor 2016/17, currently studying abroad in Barcelona.

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