#ParisAttacks: How Twitter Reacted


The tragic attacks that happened in Paris yesterday led to an outpouring of reaction on Twitter from across the globe. Here’s some of the reaction from across social media.


With a state of emergency declared and so many people displaced from their homes due to attacks and evacuations, Parisians took to Twitter using this hashtag to open their homes to those affected and displaced by the tragedy. Many commented on how such actions were a positive display of solidarity during such a tragic situation.


Twitter users used this Hashtag to show their solidarity and express their grief for those involved in the attacks. . This hashtag was also used by celebrities to express their grief at the incident. Many also changed their profile pictures to images of this slogan.


#fusillade (shooting) was used by Twitter users to give coverage of the shooting at the Bendaclat Concert Hall in Les Halles where over 100 people are reported to have died. As well as expressing their reactions, users of the hashtag uploaded their own pictures and videos of the event, which were later picked up by news outlets.

Translation: 3 men caused at least 140 deaths? Men or monsters? #fusillade

Translation: #Fusillade in the 10th and 11th arrondissements of Paris, #explosion near the Stade de France. Any news?











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