Jesters to Introduce New Welfare Officers


We’ve all been there. Stumbling up and out of of Jesters, barely knowing where Chick-o-land is. We then casually lean up against a wall and expend copious amounts of bodily fluid all over our brand new ‘Jesters shoes’. The next problem facing your inebriated mind is that of having lost all your friends and having no money for a cab back. Thankfully, Jesters are introducing new welfare officers in order to help you out in these situations (but they probably won’t give you money for a cab, though).

Situated at the door to the club, in rather fetching orange hi-viz jackets, these officers won’t be like normal bouncers, but they will actually listen to your drunken ramblings and try to find a solution to your problem. As co-Jesters overlord Nicolas Green said, ‘your safety is our priority’. He went on to say this:

The idea came from the great minds at Southampton’s police licencing team. Its just another step in the long fight against antisocial student drunkenness – apparently welfare officers are more approachable than door supervisors! Their primary objective is to look after people’s wellbeing and monitor their alcohol consumption.

It is definitely refreshing to see that a club is actually willing to work together with its clientele to ensure that it’s a good night for everyone,including the affected locals, instead of adopting the attitude of some of the staff in other establishments (take a wild guess as to which ones I’m talking about).

Flora Noble, JCR officer for this year and the person who helped organise the Freshers’ events, had this to say:

It’s really great that a club that works so closely with the student body is working really hard to improve student welfare – especially as people can tend to need more support, especially if they’ve lost their friends after they’ve had a few!!

We’ll leave the final word to Nicolas Green:

‘I did suggest calling them ‘jesters fun police’, however this was overruled!’.


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