Southampton One of the Happiest Places to Live in the UK


According to a nationwide study, carried out by emergency insurance provider HomeServe, Southampton is one of the happiest cities to reside in across the UK.

The study revealed that the coastal city finished eighth in a survey of the UK’s happiest neighbours.

Over 2000 residents were requested to answer a number of questions, including how well they get on with their neighbours. The study revealed that more than 83% of people in the UK have had a neighbour go out of their way to help them.

A further 42% said that they know and consistently interact with their neighbours, with 44% adding that they were keen to build relationships with them.

A quarter of people said they wanted to arrange community clean ups whilst 27% wanted more social events similar to the street parties held in honour of HM the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The study found that Preston has the happiest neighbours.

The original survey can be found here –


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