Squeeze Change Lyrics to Condemn Cameron’s Housing Policy on Live TV


70s rock band Squeeze attacked Conservative Housing Policy during their live TV performance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, in front of David Cameron.

Singer Glenn Tilbrook changed the lyrics in their new single “From The Cradle To The Grave” to hit out at proposed social housing policy.

Until recently, the band have avoided singing about politics, but in 2013 Tilbrook said “I feel the need to speak out about what’s happening in the country“.

The lyrics were changed to;

“I grew up in council houses, they’re part of what made Britain great.
But there are some people who are hellbent on destruction of the welfare state.”

This comes after Marr’s interview with David Cameron, who announced new plans to scrap council “sink estates” which he claimed would be replaced with “affordable housing”.

However, many people are worried that the social housing could be replaced with houses to be sold for up to £450,000, after changes to the definition of “affordable housing”.

David Cameron is seen cheering and applauding after the band’s performance.


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