Students Going Without Food And Heating To Cope With Living Costs


A new poll has revealed that one in three students are going without food and heating in order to cope with rising education and living costs.

860 students took part in the research, which was conducted by forum and website The Student Room during December last year. Respondents described how they were forced to use food banks and scavenge from bins in order to eat and save money.

The poll also revealed that 41% of those questioned know or have known students that have sold drugs to raise money, while 35% said they knew students who have worked as an escort or an exotic dancer to cope with financial pressures.

Hannah Morrish, University Community Manager at The Student Room, told the Independent:

“What this research goes to show is how vulnerable many students are, not just financially, but socially as well.

For any students who are struggling to overcome debt, we want to stress there is an active and easy-to-access support network available; from applying for student hardship funds from universities through to independent and anonymous financial advice forums, such as The Student Room”.

She added that there are a wide range of other support options available for students struggling to make ends meet, including Student Unions, the student advice centres at universities, The Money Charity, National Debtline and the Citizens Advice Bureau.



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