Staff at Southampton General Hospital Targeted by Aggressive Beggars


Doctors and medical staff finishing late at night are being targeted by aggressive beggars  at Southampton General Hospital.

A female member of staff was allegedly grabbed and given verbal abuse by people demanding money in the car park. Police are investigating five incidents of this ilk that have occurred in a week and are increasing patrols in and around Tremona Road, near the General Hospital, to deter this behaviour and catch the culprits.

No-one has been injured, but hospital staff have been urged to remain vigilant while making their way back to their cars at night, but a member of staff reportedly expressed concern, saying “It’s difficult for people in departments where they work alone or finish late”.

A spokesman for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust said;

“We have advised staff to remain vigilant, not to open car windows if approached, to apply central locking once they have entered their vehicles and to report anything suspicious immediately, and to dial 999 if an incident is in progress.”

Anyone who is approached or witnesses suspicious activity should call police on 101 quoting reference 44160027988.





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