Drug Arrests at Student House Party on Portswood Road


A drugs raid by Hants Police has reportedly taken place at a student house party on Portswood Road.

The raid allegedly occurred at the address on Portswood Road, close to Champagne Charlie’s, just after 1am on Saturday, where a large house party was taking place. The property was said to have had at least four police cars in attendance.

A witness told Wessex Scene that their friend was “pushed to the ground by a fleeing dealer” and that several people have been taken into custody.

While the police entered on the grounds to search for drugs, it is believed that they found no evidence of drug-dealing at the property.

Wessex Scene have attempted to reach Hampshire Police for comment.


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    “Alright men – Southampton is rife with burglary, muggings, sexual assault, rape, fights, stabbings, murder. People across the city are suffering, many are afraid to leave their houses after dark, and our budgets have been repeatedly cut so resources are spread very thin.”

    “What are we going to do, Chief?”

    “… Send four cars to this house on Portswood Road. I hear a bunch of students are getting a bit wonky.”

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