Southampton Rated 9th Happiest UK City To Work In


Southampton has been rated the 9th happiest UK city to work in according to a new survey.

More than 2,500 workers across the UK were involved in the research, which was conducted by business psychologists OPP. The study found that on average 71% of UK employees were satisfied with their current job, and that the three main factors influencing job satisfaction were workload, salary increases and changes in management.

Ranked 9th in the list, Southampton is just below Manchester and Nottingham for job satisfaction (which were ranked 8th and 7th respectively). Crystal Mintram, an architectural technician based in Southampton, told The Guardian that the city had a ‘big community spirit’ and the large amount of volunteer work available to get involved in helped add to a sense of ‘being part of a community that cares and feels important’.

Norwich topped the list, with 77% of workers in the city saying that they were satisfied with their current job, while Bristol was ranked 10th.  Newcastle and Cardiff were among the cities with lowest job satisfaction, with 64% of workers saying they felt contented with their current workplace.


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