WhatsApp Channel Launched For Southampton Students


The University of Southampton has just launched a WhatsApp channel for current students, following a three-month testing period. The channel aims to keep students informed about customised news, events and opportunities.

As well as continuing to maintain more traditional methods of communication such as email, the university have opted to branch out into the world of instant messaging as a more convenient way of staying up to date. Prior to the launch, the university of Southampton held a three month testing period with just a small handful of volunteers, and now the channel is available for all students to use as they wish.

In a recent Student Communications survey, 73% of respondents said they use instant messaging services daily.

If you want to add the university on WhatsApp, add the number ‘07733 000 781’ into your WhatsApp contacts list and message ‘News’ to start getting updates. You then have the option to subscribe to receive more personalised content by messaging ‘Events’ and ‘Opportunities’, as well as the option to unsubscribe at any time by messaging ‘Stop’.

Take a look at the video all about the WhatsApp channel here.


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