SUSU To Scrap Union Council


SUSU have proposed to get rid of Union Council as part of plans for a new democratic structure within the Union.

In a new blog post, Kerry Sclater, Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries, stated that:

In my opinion, the very backbone of a Students’ Union is how it enables its students to have their say and make change, which is why its so important that we update our structures to reflect what our students want.

Instead of Union Council, which currently meets twice a semester and elected councillors vote to make changes to the Union, SUSU are proposing to improve ‘You Make Change’ which Kerry hopes “will become the new cornerstone of the decision making process” and lead to “fewer bureaucratic hoops to jump through to make change happen”


Under the new proposed system, any student can submit an idea to You Make Change, and then sabbatical officers will decide the fairest and most efficient direction to make it next.

This idea is not set stone and SUSU are asking for feedback through this  survey before Friday 26th February. After this SUSU will hold an open meeting on proposed changes on Monday 7th March at 3pm. The ideas will then be taken to Union Council and eventually the SUSU AGM at the end of the year.


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