Southampton Students Set To Break World Record For Human Flight


A group of Southampton students are on track to develop a wing suit to set the human flight world records for altitude, distance speed and time. 

The team compromised of fourth year MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics students named ‘The Icarus Programme” are aiming to cover 20-25 miles of flight, hitting altitudes of 45,000ft – that’s 15,000ft higher than commercial jets fly.

The project has already produced the world’s first ever 3D dynamic laser scanned models of a wing suit which has been tested in the University’s Wind Tunnel.

Dr. Angelo Grubišić, the student’s lecturer of Astronautics is an experienced wingsuit BASE jumper if planning to test the new suit from 15,000 next month. Then he will aim to progress to 22, 37 and 45,000ft.  He said:

The Icarus Programme  is about providing students with the opportunity and leadership to achieve something remarkable in their time at Southampton, in a commitment to their education. Our students are more than capable.

The project appeared on the BBC One Show on Wednesday and has also featured in Skydive Magazine in the UK.



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