Southampton Named UK’s 4th Kindest City


Southampton has been named the UK’s 4th kindest city in new research conducted by the Co-operative.

Bristol, Belfast and Aberdeen are ahead of Southampton in the rankings, which were compiled through the polling of 4,000 adults in 19 different cities to ask how community minded they considered themselves, and whether they would go to the aid of someone in need.

The study forms part of the Co-operative’s Easter campaign to find ‘good eggs’ within Britain’s communities. As part of the initiative, a number of real-life scenarios requiring the aid and kindness of members of the public were setup and the interactions of passers by were filmed using hidden cameras. Scenarios included a man breaking down and needing help to move his car, a runner dropping his wallet in the park, an injured man unable to eat his lunch and a man struggling to carry boxes up a set of steps.

Amanda Jennings, Director of Marketing at the Co-operative, told the Mirror:

Showing kindness isn’t always about the big gestures but can be about the small everyday deeds that people do – from offering your seat on the bus to helping a neighbour by accepting their post or putting their bins out.

The research also found that 18-24 year olds are the group that spends the most time helping others within the community, and are more likely to allow someone to jump a queue in an emergency or to let a stranger know if they have dropped their wallet.

The main reason given as to why someone would carry out a random act of kindness is because someone looked like they needed help. However, 17% of respondents added that they helped out due to the belief it would make the person helped smile. A further 1 in 5 added that they helped people as they believed in ‘good karma’.

The research also revealed the situations in which respondents would not offer help or did not receive help when it was required. 12% of respondents said that they were sometimes reluctant to offer any form of help as they thought that it would ‘look weird’, while 35% of those questioned said they had a experienced a situation where they were in need of help but none was offered.

The full list of kindest cities can be viewed below.

  1. Bristol
  2. Belfast
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Southampton
  5. Cardiff
  6. Bradford
  7. Oxford
  8. Manchester
  9. Coventry
  10. Norwich
  11. Sheffield
  12. Nottingham
  13. York
  14. Edinburgh
  15. Leeds
  16. Birmingham
  17. Liverpool
  18. Glasgow
  19. London

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