Project to expand understanding of evolution includes Southampton Professor


Dr Richard Watson, associate professor of Electronics and Computer Science and the Institute for Life Sciences, will participate in the world’s largest project to expand and update our understanding of evolutionary biology.

The University of Southampton professor is part of an international multi-disciplinary team of 50 world-renowned experts, from eight institutions across the world

The £7.7m project is supported by a £5.7m grant from the John Templeton Foundation, an organisation promoting the advancement of science and philosophy, with a further £2m contributed by the participating institutions.

The collaboration seeks to expand the theory of evolution with new perspectives on the relationships between genes, organism, and environment. It centres on the ‘extended evolutionary synthesis’ (EES) – a new way to think about evolutionary biology aimed at tackling some of its toughest problems. The EES does not replace traditional thinking, but deployed alongside it, aims to stimulate new research within evolutionary biology.


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