Junk’s Fate is Decided Today.


Junk nightclub will discover its fate today in a meeting at the Civil Centre. This comes after police called for a review of its licence following a series of violent incidents including 23 assaults, four drug offences and 12 antisocial behaviour orders,  and six public order offences.

Club managers insist that its one of the safest clubs in the city, despite two people were stabbed outside the club  in January, and a third with head injuries, believed to have been sustained within the club.

The police report sent to licence reviewers contained a list of 38 incidents over a 14 month period.

The police have called for either the entire management team to be replaced or cutting back its opening hours to force it to close at 2am. Although the club could lose its license entirely and be forced to close.

Since the news about the review was announced, Junk have released a statement saying they believe the report is ‘misleading’ and ‘does nothing to address the real issues of public safety in our city today.’ Adding:

We were shocked and appalled by the incidents on the 22nd January which were committed by a small number of individuals – we have to point out that one stabbing took place viewable and adjacent to our venue but not on our front door and one stabbing took place on Carlton Crescent nearer to Richer Sounds & Ladbrokes who are not facing a review. No stabbings took place inside Junk and the club was closed at the time of these attacks.


Since they released the statement, a petition asking the council to save the venue has been set up and has over 2000 signatures.

A handful of residents have written support of revoking the license, complaining of urinating on the streets, criminal damage, vomiting, and  ‘young people barely able to walk’




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