Junk Will Not Face Closure (But There’s A Catch)


Junk Nightclub, which was voted ‘Best Small Club’ in the Best of British Awards 2013, will keep its licence avoiding closure threats following multiple stabbings and various incidents outside the venue.

The venue was facing closure after the police urged council chiefs to consider revoking the London Road’s licence.

However, the club has been allowed to remain open on several pending conditions. These may include an earlier closing time of 2am, the installation of large metal detectors outside the club and other heightened security measures.

The club’s promoter said it would be appealing the decision.

Hampshire Constabulary had called the review after the stabbing on January 22, which police say began after fighting broke out in its ‘back bar‘ at about 3.45am that involved up to 30 people.

Police say it left a man with head injuries, while further fighting broke out on the street after door staff intervened.

It was at that point someone was stabbed outside the club and a second man also received knife wounds nearby.

Paul Merry, representing Junk nightclub, called the incident ‘a one-off‘ and said one of the men suspected of the stabbings was ‘a London gang member’.

Saying “we were all horrified” by the stabbings, Mr Merry said: “We just could not survive if we have to scale our hours back to 2am. The venue would not be viable.”



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