Let’s Talk About Sex! At SUSU This Week


This Thursday (the 5th) and Friday (the 6th), interesting, educational and unique sex positive events will be popping up all over Highfield campus. SUSU’s Wellbeing Committee have been collaborating with full time officers and internal and external Southampton societies all term to bring sex positive events to SUSU. This week they are finally underway.

The two day event features gaming (in exchange for free pizza!), an innovative 10 minute theatre experience and a body positive exhibition that busts body myths perpetuated by the media.

Sex. It’s natural and completely normal, but people often find ourselves shying away from the subject when it’s mentioned. So to help offer you information about sexual health and consent and to give you body confidence, we will be running various events and activities during this Thursday 05 and Friday 06 May.

Take a look at the schedule so far, with more events and stalls to be announced soon:

Thursday 05 May



  • 09:00-17:00
  • Concourse, Building 42, Students’ Union

The Body Positive is a free exhibition of photography that aims to promote body positivity, confidence and challenge negative portrayals of the human body that we see perpetuated by the media.

The exhibition features the work of international photographers Jade Beall, founder of A Beautiful Body Project, Gracie Hagen, Wrenna Robertson and Whelm King.

(Please note that this exhibition contains nudity.)


  • 11:30-15:00
  • Red Brick Area by Building 42, Students’ Union

Caravan Theatre will be performing their free, solar-powered 10 minute play, ‘Can’t Touch This’ , written by Cassie Catchpole.

a short, sharp look into late night life and what it takes to say no

Friday 06 May



  • 09:00-17:00
  • Concourse, Building 42, Students’ Union

Another chance to see the exhibition (please see above for details).


  • 12:30-15:00
  • Building 4 Room 3045 (Law Building)
  • Join the Facebook event here

Do you want to play video games, eat FREE pizza and be in with a chance of winning £100?

‘Term on the Tides’ is a game developed by PhD student Anastasia Eleftheriou as a tool for sex education. SUSU would like to invite you to try out the game and participate in her pioneering research.

If you are aged 18-69 and fluent in English come along and participate 12:30-15:00, Building 4 Room 3045 (Law Building), Friday 6th May.

The game will take approximately 30 minutes and the highest scoring player will receive a £100 voucher.

For more information, e-mail ae2n12@soton.ac.uk

This study has been approved by the School of Psychology Ethics Committee at the University of Southampton, approval number 17008.

The PhD is funded through EPSRC.

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