The USA’s Hidden Gems


There’s more to the USA than California, Florida and New York, this country has something for everyone…

New Hampshire

Located in the North East of the United States. New Hampshire is rich in beauty, culture and history. For those who enjoy embracing the world’s natural beauty, White Forest National Park is a must. With wilderness spanning nearly 800,000 acres, the park boasts not only spectacular natural scenery but also offers a range of outdoor activities such as kayaking and rock-climbing. For those who enjoy learning about history and experiencing culture, then the city of Manchester is the place to visit. Manchester, New Hampshire is home to the Currier Gallery of Art, which boasts works by a variety of classical and contemporary artists such as Matisse, Monet and Wyeth. A key time to visit New Hampshire is autumn with fabulous photo opportunities to be had of the annual changing of leaf colours, a riotous display of yellow and orange mixed with maroon and crimson.

The stunning autumnal foliage of New Hampshire.
The stunning autumnal foliage of New Hampshire Photo Credit – Blog – RandMcNally.


With diverse landscape and topography and rich cultural heritage, the Southeast is another hidden gem. Chattanooga, located on the banks of the Tennessee River provides a great opportunity to learn about the battles of the American Civil War. The Chattanooga Regional History Museum also offers an interesting insight into Native American history and culture, focusing on the original Cherokee inhabitants of the area. Well known but rarely visited by non-Americans, is Nashville, Tennessee. Home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and known for its contrib-

Country Music Hall of Fame, TN. Photo Credit – Paramountsong.

ution to country, gospel, blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll music, Nashville is a fantastically fun place to visit. For those wishing to experience some truly American live music, the Ryman Auditorium’s 2,000-seat theatre has seen country stars such as Sheryl Crow perform there, with fantastic line-ups offered all year round. Finally, the Belle Meade Plantation gives fantastic guided tours of its spectacular grounds, including a tour of a Slave cabin, dating back to 1832.


Multiethnic inhabitants and a warm semitropical climate, Alabama certainly gives an introduction to Southern charm. For those interested in the historical aspects of the American Civil Rights movement, Selma, located high above the Alabama River, was the scene of one of the most notorious events in Civil Rights history,

F. Scott Fitzgerald's House in Alabama.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s House in Alabama. Photo Credit – Pintrest.

known as “Bloody Sunday”. The National Voting Museum beautifully encapsulates the story and annually presents a re-enactment of the event as a tribute to the lives lost. Literature lovers are sure to love Montgomery, which in 1931 was home to F. Scott Fitzgerald as he was writing his novel, ‘Tender is the Night’. His house is now a museum and welcomes visitors from all over the world.


St. Louis, known as the ‘Gateway to the West’ for its steamboat voyages, offers a real mix of activities for any tourist. The Gateway Arch, a symbol of the city’s role as a commercial and cultural gateway is a key part and possibly the most memorable feature of the city skyline, providing some fantastic views at night when the city comes alive. The Kansas City museum (surprisingly, not in Kansas), located in one of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods provides visitors with a time warp. Exhibits in the museum include a 1910 drugstore with an original and working soda fountain, a fantastic opportunity for any fizzy drink lover or those interested pre-technological life.


Montana, home to the Glacier National Park, is truly a state of epic proportions. Nature lovers will be captivated by the Glacier National Park, which is spread over nearly a million acres and includes the famous Rocky Mountains. The park isn’t only glaciers! It also boats many waterfalls, lakes and limestone cliffs and if you’re lucky on a walk through you might spot some of the many moose, wolves and bears that call the Park their home. Finally, if you’re interested in the environment and stopping forest fires, then Missoula is the place for you! Home to the Smokejumpers Base, which is national centre for stopping forest fires, you could find yourself learning about fire-fighting techniques and even meeting some of the fire-fighters themselves.


Offering scenic beauties and cosmopolitan treasures, Oregon is a state that truly has it all. Known as ‘The City of Roses’, Portland’s downtown and old town are evidence of fantas-

Oregon Sand Dunes. Photo Credit – Shutterbug.

tic urban planning. On a regular basis the Portlanders flock to the heart of the city, in particular to the Pionner Courthouse Square which offers free lunchtime concerts, flower shows and other events. For those wanting to try something new, why not take a ride on a sand dune buggy along the Oregon coast? At the Oregon Dunes national Recreation Area rides on dune buggies are available to help explore the vast and spectacularly towering sand form


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