Lecturers Strike Could Affect Exams


Yesterday it was announced that University and College Union (UCU) are planing to strike on 25th an 26th May, possibly affecting exams. 

The University have said they will do their best to ensure minimal disruption to exams, but the two-day strike may cause delays to marking. This strike involves all University staff, including library  and admin staff.

The lecturers are protesting over a 1.1 per cent pay increase for 2016-17, which is less than inflation. Over the last six years they are set to receive a real time loss of  14.5%.

There may be further strikes held over June, July, and August if employers do not improve their current offer. This could coincide with A-level results day and clearing.

The Union are yet to decide if they are supporting the strike. VP Education, Shruti Verma encouraged anyone with thoughts or concerns to email her at vpeducation@susu.org, or to get in touch with her via Facebook.

The decision to hold the walkout was taken by UCU’s national representative on 6th May, were over 65% of people voted for industrial action.

Sally Hunt, the UCU general secretary, described the pay rise as an “insult” adding

 Employers need to come back to the table with a much improved offer if they wish to avoid significant disruption to students in the coming months industrial action that impacts on students is never taken lightly, but staff feel that they have been left with no alternative. Members in higher education have sent a clear message to employers that, after six years of real-terms pay cuts amounting to 14.5 per cent, they will not tolerate a continued squeeze on their income.


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