SUSU the Cat is Now our President


Today at the SUSU AGM, SUSU the Cat was voted to to the position of Honorary Union President. The heavily requested item, which was proposed by Frazer Delves, Alex Hovden and Samuel Tyler, was voted for – although really, why wouldn’t it be?

Everyone knows she is definitely the cutest cat on campus, and there’s no excitement quite like someone finding out we have a cat outside the Cube. She makes us unique – how many other universities have a cat who lives in their union? SUSU makes everyone that much happier, and her election as honorary president just goes to reflect the outstanding effect she’s had on students – always there for their de-stressing needs.

SUSU is the perfect example of a student too – naps, snacks, and wanting affection. And as argued by SUSU at their AGM, she ‘is already fulfilling an important duty by being detached from Union politics, thus providing stability and security’.

Her new role will start at the launch of the new Union brand this month. Congratulations SUSU!


Third year PAIR student and head of events. Also The Edge's live editor and 2016-17 opinion editor. Fan of cats, gigs and a tea lover - find me rambling about politics and cats @_Carly_May on Twitter.

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